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Dev’s Playground: Future-Proof Identity

From securing internal employee access, company systems, and applications – to securing customers’ access, webapps, and databases… Identity management has always been a challenge for companies. Meanwhile, common methods of managing digital identities (such as usernames and passwords) have proven less than secure.


Can a cryptographic security and identity solution enable users to access (Web, Federated and Decentralized) applications with a singular identity without providing their credentials?

An Intro from your Hosts

Omar Saadoun (Tech Lead, æternity Americas) & Erik Vollstädt (æmbassador Manager, æternity)

Vikram Anand (Co-Founder Hypermine)

Those joining the live broadcast or watching the livestream ask questions, make comments, and get to the heart of the matter.

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Uruguay Can: World's first traceability platform on blockchain for medical cannabis

Team members behind the new platform tracing medical cannabis from the sprout to packaging give a live demo and talk about digital potentials for agriculture. Uruguay Can – built on æternity blockchain – allows for a higher level of cannabis growth with more control over cannabinoid concentration. This revolutionary tool is scalable to other crops and is Open Source.

Alex Casas (æternity Ecosystem Dev) & Mery Sanguinetti (PR Director, æternity)

Special Guests:
Pedro Lago de Carvalho - Shareholder of Uruguay Can
Juan Arrillaga – Co-founder and Project Leader at Inmind
Gonzalo Sobral – Enterprise Lead Æmbassador, æternity

Live AEid: Fundraising in a digital world

In harrowing times of a deadly virus, those without a home in Ireland find themselves at risk of exposure and Irish charities that support the less fortunate have their collection jars sitting on counters in shuttered stores. It’s a double blow to a population that needs support. Local community members behind Live AEid (a fundraiser for charities servicing the homeless) chose to partner with to maximize the impact of tips donated by cutting out 3rd parties and tracing the amounts given from sender to receiver.

Special Guests:
Owen O’Driscoll (Co-Founder Cannomy & Lead æmbassador for æternity, Ireland)
Leah Stuhltrager (Interim CMO, æternity) and SuperheroLeague

SuperheroLeague is “The Broadcast Channel for Blockchain” (ie: The first / only Broadcast Channel dedicated to tackling hot topics of the modern times with blockchain solutions.) SuperheroLeague shows are broadcast live with interaction from the public audience of Superheroes who join virtually. Each episode explores a challenging topic with special guests from around the world.

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Welcome to a better virtual world with quantifiably more freedom to transact.

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Open Source and æternity

Superhero is open-source. Superhero encourages others to build on it and with it.

æ​ternity is a public, open-source blockchain protocol that enables a platform for next-generation decentralized applications and high scalability. Its core components are written in the functional programming language Erlang, and its smart contracts are also functional. Unlike other blockchain platforms, the ​æt​ ernity protocol itself incorporates several essential technological features, including a recently upgraded virtual machine, off-chain scaling solution – state channels, on-chain governance mechanism, and naming system. ​æ​ternity also features SDKs in Javascript, GO, Phyton, Java, as well as a middleware and a development suite that streamlines smart contract development.

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